Founded by Debbie Lee, Marc’s mom

Debbie Lee founded America’s Mighty Warriors, after her son Marc was the first Navy SEAL to be killed in Iraq on August 2, 2006. In Marc’s Last Letter Home, he asked for friends and family to “pass on the love and kindness and precious gift of human life”. Since then, America’s Mighty Warriors has been fighting to support our troops, the fallen and their families and to work with like-minded organizations to do the same.


Our Programs

Our troops and their families sacrifice so much for our freedoms. We want to inspire, encourage and motivate those whose lives have been touched by war and loss. America’s Mighty Warriors focuses on four programs to help warriors and their families get access to the support they deserve.


AMW is dedicated to raising awareness of the selfless sacrifices our troops and their families make for the freedoms we enjoy everyday. Advocacy When a service member suffers an injustice AMW is there to raise awareness and advocate to correct the situation. Often you will find AMW in the Halls of Congress, in the media, or wherever needed to confront the issue and bring justice to our troops. Our troops are bound by the UCMJ and cannot speak out, but we can be their voice.

Random Acts of Kindness

Marc’s last letter home challenged and inspired Debbie to start AMW. He wrote about how we could change our world by doing more random acts of kindness. He ended that letter with “to my family and friends, do me a favor, pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life.” That letter has inspired millions of people around the world. AMW accepted that challenge and honors our troops and their families with varying acts of kindness from paying for their meals, coffee, gas or giving gift cards. Thousands of thank you and Marc’s hero cards have been given with a personal hand shake and hug. Debbie traveled to Iraq twice to personally thank the troops who selflessly sacrifice. These RAOK are just tokens to thank our military families for their continued service.

Helping Heroes Heal Program

Resiliency for Wounded Warriors
Our troops are coming home after multiple deployments with emotional and physical needs. AMW recognizes they are not receiving the best care in a timely manner. We are dedicated to providing therapies that heal. We provide funding for those diagnosed with TBI to receive Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. We are also working with other providers whose therapies are helping with PTSD. We also host retreats for our wounded warriors and their families to provide recreation and resiliency.

As our troops continue the fight on multiple fronts, many are experiencing Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and associated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from combat-related blasts. More than 750,000 of our troops and families are affected and sadly, many are not getting access to the treatment they need to heal the actual brain injury! Instead, symptoms are being addressed with medication while source of the problem goes untreated. The result, our troops are on medication for depression, anxiety, concentration, sleeplessness and pain.

Individuals and families are being torn apart. Treatments are available to treat the brain injury but they are not prescribed by military doctors because they are not covered by insurance!

America’s Mighty Warriors is collaborating with HBOT treatment centers around the country, HBOT stands for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. This evidence-based protocol for oxygen treatment that has been helping vets heal but it is difficult to access and is not covered by insurance.

America’s Mighty Warriors is raising awareness and money to get our warriors access to this beneficial treatment and help our troops, vets and their families get their lives back after Traumatic Brain Injury.
To get more information, to participate, or to help us spread the word about the benefits of HBOT,

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In addition, PsychArmor has offered to provide a unique training and support program for individuals caring for veterans. Click here to learn more about these free resources.

Gold Star Resiliency & Respite


As a Gold Star Mother herself, Debbie has a special connection to the families of the fallen. Through the Heroes Hope Home in Arizona and opportunities to attend retreats, concerts and events for the families, AMW gives hope, respite, encouragement and resiliency. We reach out to the entire immediate family of the fallen; parent’s, siblings, spouse, and children. These families have given their very best. We owe it to them to never forget their heroes or the sacrifices made.

Through Gold Star Respite, families of the fallen are invited to stay at the Heroes Hope Home in Arizona or attend one of several retreats held through out the year. Extended families are welcome to the Heroes Hope Home so parents, grandparents and siblings can join spouses and children of the fallen for some much deserved respite, relaxation and rejuvenation.
At retreats, families have the time to reflect and relax and have some fun with other families who share a special bond because that cannot be explained. Counseling and group sessions are available for those who wish to participate.

Donate now to give Gold Star Families access to the Heroes Hope Home and Gold Star Family Retreats!

The Heroes Hope Home

The Heroes Hope Home was established in 2009 to provide a positive, peaceful and enriching environment for families of the fallen. It is a place of hope, love and rejuvenation, where all those who stay understand that to forget is just not an option.
The HHH welcomes families of the fallen for a week stay. Visits are carefully planned and customized based on the needs and wants of the individual families. We believe that families should be free to rejuvenate, have fun, have access to therapy, or do nothing.
The way you spend your time is up to you. Just let us know your goals for your visit and we will take care of the rest!






We wouldn’t be able to impact our troops and the families of the fallen without your generosity. Contributions are used in direct support of our programs to serve our Veterans, wounded warriors and fallen members of the Armed Forces and their families.
You can donate on-line by clicking this link, or send a check to AMW, PO Box 8114, Surprise, AZ 85374.
AMW is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and thus your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

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