What Will You Do With Today?
April 27th, 2009

Many of us jumped out of bed, made our coffee and started our day just like every other normal day. We effortlessly walked through our daily routine and actions without much thought as to what the day might bring. For most of us there probably wasn’t a great amount of urgency in what faced you in the hours that would tick on your clock today. Oh there are many of us who would love to impact and change our family, our community, our nation or maybe even the world. Many of us have goals and plans to do that for the next year, five years or ten years. We have filled our daily calendars with places to go, people to see and things to do.

In this election cycle we are bombarded with requests for our precious time, our finances, and our voice. How many times do we think I’ll volunteer tomorrow or next week to make those phone calls, canvass my neighborhood, or write a letter to the editor. How often do we think I just can’t give up my today? Tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow.

Let me tell you about a young man who gave up all of his tomorrows so that you could have today. My son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq 8-2-06. He stood out in the direct line of fire three times that day . He choose to use his “today” to defend his buddies, to defend you, to defend me and protect this nation from the Terrorists who want to destroy America and everything we represent. He could have fell to his knees and helped his wounded teammate. He could have stayed below the protective cover provided by the cement wall on the rooftop. He could have been here today with me and the outcome would have been different for his buddies and their families, but Marc was a young man who valued others lives more important than his own. He recognized the urgency of what he had to do with his last today. He gave up all of his hopes for his future, all of his dreams for tomorrow so that we could have our today’s.