Warrior Appreciation Night- Coming Together to Serve our Troops

America’s Mighty Warriors was so honored to be invited as one of six charities to Warrior Appreciation Night (WAN) on Jan 16th, 2014, during Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV.

Through the hard work from the folks at WAN, close to $100,000 was raised. It was an amazing night filled with good times, reflection and honor. Celebrities, Medal of Honor recipients Mike Thornton and Tom Norris, SEAL and author Richard Marcinko, wounded warriors, patriots, service members and non-profits came together to focus on support for our troops and their families.


This event was both humbling and inspiring! We cannot wait to attend again next year. Thanks to all the folks at WAN, particularly Mark and Lisa Christianson and Doug Scott, for your dedication to our troops, your hard work, and the support you provided AMW!

Also, much thanks to our partners, Blade-Tech, for hosting us at their booth during Shot Show. Everyone from the owners, to the sales folks, to the marketing folks AND their spouses, was so supportive. Blade-Tech products are top quality and so are the folks that work there. We can’t wait to work together in the future to help our troops and their families!


 Look for Debbie and Cara Mae on stage talking about the great work America’s Mighty Warriors does to honor our troops,the fallen and their families!