Party in Greenville, SC Feb 28th to Benefit America’s Mighty Warriors
February 1st, 2014

Join us for a fundraiser in Greenville, SC on Feb 28th, 2014. Our friend Brandon a Outman Cigar and Martini Bar is hosting a fabulous party to benefit America’s Mighty Warriors. Tickets are limited to the first 100 people. All proceeds go to AMW’s new program, Got HBOT?.

Got HBOT? helps services members with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) get access to a full service program for treatment, centered on the evidence-based protocol developed that has been helping to heal TBI for years. HBOT stands for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. It consists of breathing 100% oxygen in a dive chamber at prescribed depths for a prescribed amount of time. Breathing oxygen at depth allows more oxygen to reach more more cells, increase blood flow and help injuries heal, including brain injuries.

We have a huge problem with TBI because many of our troops don’t even know that they have a TBI. When they do know, treatment generally consists of fragmented drug therapy. The actual brain injury is not being treated. So, our troops are experiencing anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, problems with memory loss and headaches with no relief. HBOT helps heal the brain injury and helps relieve the symptoms so that our troops and their families can get their lives back.

The problem is that HBOT is not yet covered by insurance, the military or the VA. It is expensive and requires multiple treatments.

America’s Mighty Warriors is stepping up, in collaboration with Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy in Norfolk, VA, to offer a full-service program for our service members and their families to get the treatment they need… and to get their lives back!

Help us help our warriors who sacrifice so much to provide us with safety and freedom every single day! To buy tickets or sponsorship packages for the event in Greenville, SC contact Brandon at 864‐449‐5211 or email: