Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s where would we be without them?????? The woman who carried us for 9 months, and then endured the pains of child birth, just so we could live, and that’s just the beginning of the sacrifices that she would make. There would be many sleepless nights, stinky diapers, visits to the Dr for stitches, teacher conferences, wiping away tears, encouraging words, discipline, great sacrifice and tons of selfless love and support. Many Mother’s raised their children as a single parent as I did, which added to the struggles.

At the age of 23 I found myself divorced, with a 3 year old, 18 month old and pregnant. There was no child support, no help and at times it looked like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. My children were the reason I persevered, I had to. It was not easy and I won’t pretend that I was the perfect parent, my children could tell you otherwise, but I did the best I knew how.

With three adult children and 8 grandchildren I now look back and question. “What happened to the tunnel???????” We survived, we made it, and each one of my children are impacting the world in their own unique ways.

Of course today we are going to honor the Mother that God gave us ,hopefully you do that regularly and often, but I would also challenge you to reach out and also honor our military mothers.

A Gold Star Mother is someone who has lost a son our daughter who served  in combat. They have given their very best for this nation, and this is a bittersweet day, one of those days that is a reminder of the loss of our fallen hero. If you know a Gold Star Mother take her to dinner, bring her flowers, chocolate, or a gift certificate for a spa day, just to let her know you remember and you have not forgotten the sacrifice. If you are a Gold Star Mother, my heart understands and deeply embraces you today and AMW is here to support you and I will never forget !

A Blue Star Mother currently has a child serving in the military. They have raised warriors who daily are fighting for our freedoms. Many have their children in the combat zone and they try to carry on and function knowing that their child is fighting the terrorists in the hills of Afghanistan. Thank them for raising warriors and ask how you can support their child serving. To each and every Mother who raised a warrior who fought in any conflict for my freedoms, thank you, job well done. To those Blue Star moms whose hero is deployed, I say, Hooyah, Hoorah, Hoohah, keep, keepin on!

The wives of our deployed warriors who are at home, raising their children and keeping the home functioning and running, filling the role of both Mommy and Daddy until their hero returns. Mow their lawns, babysit, ask about maintenance needs, give them gift cards for dinner or send their hero a care package or note.

Our Mother’s who are in uniform serving their country today in the combat zone and are away from their children. I can’t imagine being a Mother, in combat, away from my children, if you know any of these Mom’s get with their families and help them prepare special care packages with Mommy things, scented lotions, finger nail polishes, buffing pads, chocolate and cards and pictures made by her kids.

Being a Mother was the toughest job I ever had but the most rewarding. I was blessed to be the Mother of 3 children who have impacted the world in their own unique ways and to have Marc for 28 years. Marc’s name means Mighty Warrior and I’m sure you will agree he lived up to that name. He successfully completed his mission and he is in Heaven today because he believed Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior, and I will see him again one day.

Until then I choose to put on his boots, pick up his weapon and stay in the fight for our troops and the families of the fallen.

So today please accept Marc’s challenge from his letter “to pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life.”

God bless our Mothers, God bless our Troops, God Bless America!

Debbie Lee