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Living The Oath: Warriors Take it, Families Endure It


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Michael Martinez, a Marine veteran, stepped on a bomb during a 2010 patrol in Afghanistan and lost both legs…Christian Bagge, an Army veteran lost his legs to a 2005 roadside bomb blast in Iraq…The stories of Martinez and Bagge are featured in Living the Oath: Warriors Take It, Families Endure It. Their experiences, like those of the other subjects in the book, reveal how hardship and suffering can result in a greater awareness of what it means to be a human being. Despite their inner turmoil, these men and women did not falter as they spoke about the ugliness of war and how they have been forever changed by their time on the battlefield. They agreed strongly with the purpose of Living the Oath, which is to educate Americans about the sacrifices being made by the one percent of the population providing national defense. This is their book, their message to civilians—it may sometimes be uncomfortable but it will always be enlightening.