Thank you again SO MUCH for everything. As I mentioned at the ranch, “thank you” isn’t a big enough word. It was wonderful to be able to wake up surrounded by family in such a beautiful, peaceful, positive setting. I think it really was the first time since Devon passed away that waking up has felt like a positive experience. Devon lived life to the fullest every day and I know that’s what he would want all of us going forward. I feel like our time at the ranch was a perfect first step towards getting back to living that life. God Bless you and your organization. You do amazing and important work.


Dear Ms. Lee:

The 136th AW Enlisted Advisory Council would like to extend our sincere thanks to you – America’s Mighty Warriors, for your Random Act of Kindness donation to our 4th of July event.

Your generous donation enabled us to organize and execute an event which brought airmen and their families together in a very special way. The event brought over 300 people to Globe Life Park in Arlington, including family members of our deployed personnel.  I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this country’s Independence Day, than with my fellow airmen and the families who support us. This event helped to strengthen the bond between service members across the 136th Airlift Wing.

Due to the huge turnout for the event we had representatives from several of the 136th councils assisting, to include our Enlisted Advisory Council (E1-E6), Top Three Council (E7-E9), First Sergeant’s Council, Chief’s Council (E-9), and Company Grade Officer’s Council. We also had commanders from various squadrons in attendance.

With your Random Act of Kindness donation we were able to provide 80 Texas Rangers Baseball Game tickets and parking vouchers at no cost to our deployed member’s families.  On top of that we were also able to cover all of the food and beverages for the tailgating event.  Any funds that were left over from your generous donation, have been utilized for our September Wing Heritage Day Event allowing us to provide entrance and food vouchers for over 150 airmen.

We are so grateful and overwhelmed by what you and America’s Mighty Warriors have done for the 136th Airlift Wing.  Your random act of kindness did not go unnoticed and we here at the 136th will do our best to perform Random Acts of Kindness like you have shown us.


Randall O. Cummings, Technical Sergeant
136th Airlift Wing Enlisted Advisory Council Member